worship Our Vineyard worship values have been described in many ways through the years, and yet we believe these values can be quickly summarized in three simple words - Intimacy, Accessibility, and Authenticity (thanks to Brian Doerksen for his initial work in the description and application of these values).

At The Vineyard Church, worship is not a spectator sport. The musicians and singers are not on stage to entertain us, but instead to lead us into the presence of God and worshiping Him. Worship is about intimacy. It is when we turn our attention away from the pressures and stresses of daily life, and through song, consider God and what He has done for us. Yet worship is much more than songs and music; it is coming in contact with the living God. Song is simply a means to expressing our thoughts and feelings to God. We enter the presence of God in a deep and personal way during worship.

Here at the Vineyard, we desire to be culturally relevant, which means that our style of worship music will reflect that of the world in which we live.

As we grow in our relationship with God through the Scriptures and prayer, our hearts are stirred to worship Him. We sing joyfully, celebrating His infinite attributes, and thanking Him for the wondrous work of salvation he provided by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The Bible shows us that God is glorified by worship expressed in many ways, including singing, clapping, raising hands, kneeling, and dancing. Our desire is not to draw attention to ourselves but to God. The music we use in our Sunday gathering ranges from contemporary songs to centuries-old hymns; the tone of our worship ranges from enthusiastic celebration to quiet reverence. Our goal is to please our loving God, and enjoy His transforming presence which is manifest so marvelously as we honor Him.